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Re: (ITS#7710) contextCSN values not updated by internal non-replicated ops

hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> Configuration:
>> - MMR with 3 nodes and normal syncrepl.
>> - slapo-memberof used to populate/update attribute 'memberOf' in user entries.
>> If a group entry is modified and slapo-memberof updates the attribute 'memberOf'
>> in the member's entry the contextCSN value of the server where the LDAP request
>> was sent to is not updated on the other MMR replicas.
> I don't understand this sentence, can you rephrase?

I looked into this a bit more:

We have three MMR nodes, let's simply enumerate them as 1, 2 and 3.

When modifying a group entry on 1 'memberOf' gets *locally* updated and the
contextCSN value for server 1 gets also updated. So far so good.

Now the group modification are pulled by 2 and 3 and slapo-memberof installed
there *locally* updates attr memberOf and the *local* contextCSN value for 2
and 3 are updated with new timestamp. But the updated contextCSN values of 2
and 3 never get replicated to the other instances! So my monitoring check
shows a long-lasting replication gap. After next server restart all contextCSN
values get updated.

> Also see ITS#6915.

Sorry, glancing over ITS#6915 I don't understand what it means in this context.

Ciao, Michael.