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Re: (ITS#7694) cldap fails with IPv6 due to wrong size sockaddr

--On Thursday, September 12, 2013 4:04 PM +0000 stefw@redhat.com wrote:

>> 2.4.35 is not the current version of OpenLDAP, 2.4.36 is.  There were
>> fixes to CLDAP made in 2.4.36.  Please test against 2.4.36 and report
>> back, thanks.
> This patch is against master.
> However master cldap support is broken in additional ways, and I'll be
> filing further bugs/patches.

Hi Stef,

Thanks!  In the future then, if it is an issue with the current 2.4 release 
series still, you can just put RE24 as the version. ;)  Then I won't spend 
time trying to see if it's a known issue already fixed via the changes log.



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