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Re: (ITS#7381) Dynamically added chaining configuration stops working after restart

Ivan Nejgebauer wrote:
> On 06.09.2013. 21:56, hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> ian@uns.ac.rs wrote:
>>> If a minimal chaining configuration is dynamically added to a consumer server in
>>> a provider/consumer pair running delta-syncrepl, it will stop working when the
>>> consumer is restarted. The configuration is modelled after the one used in
>>> test022 in the OpenLDAP source distribution:
>> Sorry this report was neglected for so long, and thanks for the excellent test
>> case. This is now fixed in git master.
> Tested against git master (721e46fe6695077d63a3df6ea2e397920a72308d) with the original
> use case and it works, thanks. However, slapd now segfaults if started with cn=config
> obtained by converting an existing chaining configuration from slapd.conf. Steps to
> reproduce, using the scripts from the archive attached to the original report:

Ah thanks. Previous commit changed too much. Fixed now in master.

> $ make clean-all replica-chaining
> $ ./start-replica.sh			# segfault
> The crash is in chain_ldadd, and occurs because the first back-ldap instance in the
> converted configuration lacks an olcDbURI. I have attached a patch which inserts a
> dummy URI in the common parameter structure when it's allocated. This URI
> (ldap:// should never match any actual referral, so the instance can only
> serve to initialize common parameters (which happens with the first instance anyway,
> if I understood the code correctly.)

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