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(ITS#7655) segfault during initial mirror of multimaster delta replication

Full_Name: Hans Freitag
Version: 2.4.35 and 33
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

I have a Multimaster Delta replication setup here with bdb on a 18 GB Database.

After a crash due to a full disk I made a new database on one node ans started

The empty node started to replicate, from the full one but after a while
(approx. 2GB) it crashed with a segfault: 

Aug  4 11:45:32 mhr-dd-lda-01 kernel: [52189.476209] slapd[10158]: segfault at
20 ip 00007ff97ebfabc0 sp 00007ff6e57e6b38 error 4 in

So i thought, maybe it is not e good Idea to put in a package for SP2 in a
machine running SP1 so my first attempt to solve was an upgrade. After the
upgrade I got this: 

Aug  4 12:46:29 mhr-dd-lda-01 kernel: [ 1414.757587] slapd[3704]: segfault at 20
ip 00007fc82eee6182 sp 00007fc592e0acf0 error 4 in slapd[7fc82ee7a000+1e6000]

So I created a brandnew openldap RPM 2.4.35 rpm to try out if the problem is
maybe related to the 2.4.33 version I am running. But fail: 

Aug  4 13:47:19 mhr-dd-lda-01 kernel: [ 5063.074410] slapd[8749]: segfault at 20
ip 00007fcbc1b537dc sp 00007fc92624fb88 error 4 in slapd[7fcbc1ac8000+1ea000]

At the moment I deactivated the accesslogging on the node which seems to work. I
will know for sure in a few hours. ;-) I can try to reproduce that on a backup
node next week. Whenn all the main nodes are up and running again. :)