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Re: (ITS#7649) Feature request: numSubordinates attribute

> Need to think about this some more. While it's true that the back-hdb/mdb
> backends already have this information and can easily provide it, it
> introduces new security concerns that sysadmins would have to be aware of.
> I.e., clients could use numsubordinates to discover the existence of entries
> they are not permitted to access. Which means sysadmins would need to add
> new ACLs specifically for controlling access to numsubordinates.
> If we just add the feature, and sysadmins aren't aware it was added, then
> they have a security hole.

That's very true. If it's an operational attribute wouldn't normal
ACLs apply? For example if you are only permitted to see "self" in
ou=Users, then you shouldn't be able to request numSubordinates on
ou=Users or if you do you only see 1.


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