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Re: (ITS#7623) P_SUBP page inn MDB dirty_list

Howard Chu writes:
> The flag is being propagated when the page grows and turns into a real page. 
> Fixed by this simple patch.
> (...)
>  				mp->mp_flags = fp->mp_flags | P_DIRTY;
> +				mp->mp_flags &= ~(P_SUBP|P_FAKE);
>  				mp->mp_pad   = fp->mp_pad;

This fixes test043, but breaks test046-dds: ldapexop exits with 49
(invalidCredentials) for "Refreshing the meeting as $BJORNSDN...".
It passes without the patch.  This is RE24 (4dc62839c2324b46bfd6)
or RE24 + mdb.master (60086c1bc77fafecef27).

Ignoring 2nd patch, it did did not fix test043: ldapadd fails (32)
when populating provider.