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(ITS#7617) Stack issue Openldap!ldap_unbind_s

Full_Name: Zhang, Lily
Version: 2.4.16
OS: Windows
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Here is the code we call ldap_unbind_s().

void OpenLDAPLogin::_disconnect()
	if (_ldapHandle == NULL) 
  // ldap_unbind_s will free up the space 		
  // allocated for the LDAP handle		
  NAVsint32 status = ldap_unbind_s( _ldapHandle ); 		
  if (status != LDAP_SUCCESS) 		
  _ldapHandle = NULL;	
Here is the call stack, eip become an invalid pointer. If the process was
restarted, issue was disappeared, but it may be reproduced sometimes later.
Please help me have a look that whether is a bug that fixed in the latest

*** Stack trace for last set context - .thread/.cxr resets it
ChildEBP RetAddr  Args to Child              
WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
1fd5c19c 0cb83b74 12ad21c8 1b291110 0cb839e8 0x56414e24
1fd5c1a8 0cb839e8 23fb4c18 23fa62f0 0cd41433
1fd5c1b4 0cd41433 1b291110 0cd4e533 1b291110 SecurityProvider!ri_cert_free+0x6d
1fd5c1bc 0cd4e533 1b291110 4173e2a8 00000000 Openldap!R_CERT_free+0x19
1fd5c1d0 0cd41a41 23fa62f0 4173e1d8 4173e1d8 Openldap!R_SSL_SESSION_free+0x9a
1fd5c1e8 0cd35e32 4173e1d8 0000002f 4173e1d8 Openldap!R_SSL_free+0x11e
1fd5c214 0cd265a7 00000168 4aaaf310 1fd5c238 Openldap!SSL_free+0xe2
1fd5c224 0cd2eefe 390c45b0 390b7c18 390c45b0 Openldap!tlso_sb_remove+0x57
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\libldap\tls_o.c @ 793]
1fd5c238 0cd2f3e6 390b7c10 0cdc8b04 00000014 Openldap!ber_sockbuf_remove_io+0x9e
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\liblber\sockbuf.c @ 230]
1fd5c250 0cd2eb03 390b7c10 1fd5c280 0cd272a8 Openldap!ber_int_sb_destroy+0x76
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\liblber\sockbuf.c @ 405]
1fd5c25c 0cd272a8 390b7c10 74834c39 00000000 Openldap!ber_sockbuf_free+0x53
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\liblber\sockbuf.c @ 75]
1fd5c280 0cd26f41 1b4b3d58 00000001 00000000 Openldap!ldap_ld_free+0x2f8
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\libldap\unbind.c @ 195]
1fd5c29c 0cd272e0 1b4b3d58 00000000 00000000 Openldap!ldap_unbind_ext+0x71
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\libldap\unbind.c @ 52]
1fd5c2b0 0cb019fe 1b4b3d58 1fd5c35c 48d8e868 Openldap!ldap_unbind_s+0x10
[w:\thirdparty\openldap-2.4.16\libraries\libldap\unbind.c @ 213]