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Re: (ITS#7614) Markup error in slapd.conf.5

Howard Chu wrote:
> Eric S. Raymond wrote:
>> Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com>:
>>> For fear of opening up another can of worms, surely slapd.conf.5 is
>>> not the only manpage that needs this patch? Other manpages in the
>>> distro also use .nf/.fi and .RS/.RE.
>>> We need consistency in our source as well.
>> Agreed.  I have analogous patches for slapd-config.5 and slapo-constraint.5.
>> Whatever other OpenLDAP pages are in stock Ubuntu are not throwing
>> warnings. How would you like these submitted?
> I just ran doclifter on all 3 of these man pages and the only warning I got
> was about the ../Project file. Please tell me how to reproduce the original
> error you're reporting because I'm not seeing it.
> Also, how do we fix it so that the content of ../Project is included as it
> should be?
OK, I ran Docbook 4.5 on the output from doclifter and I see it's complaining 
on one line of slapd.conf.5.xml. It appears doclifter is misinterpreting the 
.br request. Instead of inserting a line break it is either ignoring it 
completely or doing a paragraph break.

I'm going to reject your submitted patch because it is not the minimal patch 
needed to fix the error, nor is the error actually in our manpage source, it 
is in the doclifter tool.

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