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Re: (ITS#7615) NetBSD sem_open limited to 14 characters

Greg@Akua.com wrote:
> Full_Name: Greg Kerr
> Version: 2.4.35
> OS: NetBSD & FreeBSD
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> MDB is not usable on NetBSD because mdb.c has
> sprintf(env->me_txns->mti_wmname, "/MDBw%s", hexbuf);
> To create the semaphore name.
> This results in a 21 character name which is beyond the 14 allowed per "man
> sem_open"

That's unfortunate. In Linux this limit is 251 characters. Seems you'd need to 
use the btoa algorithm to safely fit a hash into this size limit.

Pretty sure we've tested successfully on FreeBSD and MacOSX already, so 
apparently they don't suffer from this same limit.

> "less than 14 characters in length not including the terminating null
>       character."
> I will make a local patch ... and maybe it's a NetBSD bug - or at least the
> package maintainers ... I will report to him.
> At any rate, the failure of mdb with result code 63 (name too long) was very
> confusing ... better error reporting in this file would be nice.

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