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Re: (ITS#7589) MDB nodesize issues

Another issue: This breaks because liblmdb does not
change the node size when overwriting an overflow page:

	mdb_put(txn, dbi, &key, &(MDB_val){9000, val}, 0);
	mdb_put(txn, dbi, &key, &(MDB_val){1,    val}, 0);
	mdb_get(txn, dbi, &key, &data);
	assert(data.mv_size != 9000);

Fixed by 0cdd9dffddf66c730a35f48db2bb02d8bb3e5731.
mdb_cursor_put() said:
	/* yes, overwrite it. Note in this case we don't
	 * bother to try shrinking the node if the new data
	 * is smaller than the overflow threshold.
It's number of pages which does not need to shrink.