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(ITS#7447) backsql and german umlaute


i got exactly same problem.

Only the discussed character is different ;-)).
When ThunderBird (or ldapsearch, it doesnt matter) send search query to LDAP with some UTF-8 character,
the result query to DB (PGSQL in this case) is like
(upper(last_name) LIKE '%Å¡EV%')

where the search parameter is:
%<lower case utf8 character>EV%

obviously backsql does not correctly handle UTF8 characters.

I can't find any way how to avoid this.
If only back-sql would leave the upper case conversion on DB - like
(upper(last_name) LIKE upper('%Å¡EV%'))

or use ILIKE

Anyone has any suggestion how to workaround this?

Thanks in advance

Tomáš Novosad