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RE: (ITS#7545) Problem with v2.4.30

--On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 7:45 PM +0000 "Swenson_CNTR, Carl E." 
<Carl.Swenson@dodiis.mil> wrote:

> All,
> Thank you for the replies.  Yes, Oracle makes the hardware, but as you
> may have experienced when dealing with Oracle, if there is anything on
> the server that is not "Oracle", then the problem must be with that
> software.  (This is the response you will get from Oracle on just about
> anything).

BDB is owned by Oracle, so they should be able to help you with it.  The 
creation of the BDB log files is *purely* a function internal to BDB.  The 
fact that they are exploding would be a function of BDB.  That is why I've 
repeatedly said there is no indication of an OpenLDAP bug here.  That is 
why Howard directed you to Oracle.  They are the ones who own BDB, they 
should be able to provide you insight into why it has broken on your new 

BDB logs are created when changes are made to the database.  If you see 
your logs "exploding" without corresponding massive changes being made to 
the OpenLDAP server, then you are essentially ensured that the issue is 
with BDB.  I would also suggest you run the db_archive utility to see what 
log(s) it says can or can't be archived.  It is possible that BDB is 
holding open a write or read transaction for some reason (again, a BDB bug).

As for MDB, it is a new database written by Howard Chu, the primary 
OpenLDAP Developer.  You can read up on it at <http://symas.com/mdb/>.  It 
is significantly better than BDB in numerous ways.  I disagree with your 
assessment on the recent change log as well.  It is almost all entirely 
around mdb.

OpenLDAP 2.4.34 Release (2013/03/03)
	Fixed liblmdb mdb_env_open flag handling (ITS#7453)
	Fixed liblmdb mdb_midl_sort array optimization (ITS#7432)
	Fixed liblmdb freelist with large entries (ITS#7455)
	Fixed liblmdb to check for filled dirty page list (ITS#7491)
	Fixed liblmdb to validate data limits (ITS#7485)
	Fixed liblmdb mdb_update_key for large keys (ITS#7505)
	Fixed slapd-mdb to reopen attr DBs after env reopen (ITS#7416)
	Fixed slapd-mdb handling of missing entries (ITS#7483,7496)
	Fixed slapd-mdb environment flag setting (ITS#7452)
	Fixed slapd-mdb with sub db slapcat (ITS#7469)
	Fixed slapd-mdb to correctly work with toolthreads > 2 (ITS#7488,ITS#7527)
	Fixed slapd-mdb subtree search speed (ITS#7473)

I see zero changes in 2.4.34 related to BDB at all.

OpenLDAP 2.4.33 Release (2012/10/10)
	Fixed liblmdb POSIX semaphore cleanup on environment close (ITS#7364)
	Fixed liblmdb mdb_page_split (ITS#7385, ITS#7229)
	Fixed slapd-mdb slapadd -q -w double free (ITS#7356)
	Fixed slapd-mdb to close read txn in reindex commit (ITS#7386)

Again, no changes related to BDB.

The last release with any fixes specific to BDB was 2.4.32.



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