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RE: (ITS#7545) Problem with v2.4.30

--On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 6:09 PM +0000 "Swenson_CNTR, Carl E." 
<Carl.Swenson@dodiis.mil> wrote:

> Quanah,
> Fine, I get it, you hate Solaris, BDB, etc......  But this is what I have
> to work with, and I still have an issue that I have never heard of, nor
> do I know what to even look for.  Google searches turn up very little.
> Is there an "OpenLDAP forum" where you can get help?  I have tried
> removing the package labeled SMCdb47, and loaded SMCdb.  The result is
> still the same.  I know you don't like BDB, (you didn't mention what you
> do prefer) but in any case we are approved to use OpenLDAP w/ BDB.
> Normally we download all the supporting packages from sunfreeware.com,
> and if I remember correctly, it is defaulted to use BDB.

As I initially stated, there is nothing in your bug report to indicate a 
bug with OpenLDAP.  I would note that BDB 4.7.25 is ancient.  I would note 
that OpenLDAP 2.4.30 is fairly old.  Who knows how OpenLDAP or BDB was 
built with those packages you are using.  There certainly isn't enough 
detail in your report to really offer you any particular direction to 
pursue.  If it was *me*, I would build the latest OpenLDAP with a current 
version of BDB, where I could control the compile options and flags.

By the way, BDB support in OpenLDAP is essentially deprecated.  All ongoing 
development is with the new MDB backend.



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