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Re: (ITS#7531) Syncrepl push delete operation does not recover when slave is unavailable

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hyc@symas.com schrieb (14.03.2013 16:24 Uhr):
> Marc Patermann wrote:
>> hyc@symas.com schrieb (14.03.2013 15:14 Uhr):
>>> hans.moser@ofd-z.niedersachsen.de wrote:
>>>> I think we had situations like this before...
>>>> How about having a test for this?
>>>> What is the test which is nearest to this situation where a test could
>>>> be based on?
>>> test045. Feel free to submit patches for this test script.
>> If I'm not mistaken,
>> - in lines 262-264 the consumer is stopped
>> - in lines 266-284 changes are made to the provider
>> - in lines 286-294 the consumer is started again.
> Sounds reasonable but your line numbers don't match anything in our tree. 
> Please send an actual patch, e.g. from git format-patch (or just diff -u.)
Sorry, I was in test054, not test045. But as base 054 seems to be just fine.
I hope, I did the patch right.


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--- openldap-051dba8/tests/scripts/test054-syncreplication-parallel-load	2013-03-14 14:55:44.000000000 +0100
+++ test054-syncreplication-parallel-load	2013-03-14 17:16:25.516490000 +0100
@@ -236,6 +236,14 @@
 dn: cn=James A Jones 2, ou=Information Technology Division, ou=People, dc=example,dc=com
 changetype: delete
+dn: cn=Invisible Man, ou=Information Technology Division, ou=People, dc=example,dc=com
+changetype: add
+objectclass: OpenLDAPperson
+cn: Invisible Man
+sn: Man
+uid: invisibleman
+description: Ghost 
@@ -281,6 +289,9 @@
 uid: rosco
 cn: Rosco P. Coltrane
+dn: cn=Invisible Man, ou=Information Technology Division, ou=People, dc=example,dc=com
+changetype: delete 
 echo "Restarting consumer..."