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Re: (ITS#7498) Openldap syncrepl issue

> MMR has supported delta-syncrepl since 2.4.27.  You should use it.

I did consider delta-syncrepl, but given the high write load expected, I 
was not sure if it was the right decision. I am expecting an average 
load of 50-100 writes per second, and with 1 backup provider, and 10 
consumers, it might get heavy on the provider which is serving the 
writes, given that OpenLDAP would be maintaining another DB for the 
access log.

But with this syncrepl issue, it looks like I need to change the 
replication mode to refreshAndPersist anyway. As such it looks like 
delta syncrepl is also refreshAndPersist too.

Is there any recommendation between simple refreshAndPersist and 
delta-syncrepl with refreshAndPersist for high write loads?


PS: I see that delta syncrepl is compatible with MMR which I presume 
to be MultiMaster. I hope it works with Mirror Mode too. I did not find 
any documents supporting this.