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RE: (ITS#7434) idassert-bind fails after restarting slapd

--On Tuesday, December 04, 2012 4:37 PM +0000 blance3459@hotmail.com wrote:

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> Quanah=2C=20
> =20
> I finally got back around to working on this over the last couple of
> days. =  Where I'm at with my project is: I have two servers (virtual
> machines)=2C = named master and replica=2C  with slapd configured with my
> directory inform= ation and single-master replication between them. =20
>  I created a Kerberos realm and various principals in open ldap. =20
>  Replication access is authenticated using sasl/gssapi with the slapd
> princ= ipal=2C ldap/replica.example.net. =20
>  k5start has been added to system startup to buid the credential cache
> for = slapd.

Hi Barry,

Two things: Please use an email client that can create emails that are 
readable, instead of whatever it is you're doing now. ;)

Second, you never answered about trying a current release of OpenLDAP.  I 
pointed out two bits that may have resulted in your situation being fixed.



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