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Re: (ITS#7448) "assertion failed" in MDB

--On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 9:09 AM +0000 artemciy@gmail.com wrote:

> http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html

I would suggest you actually take the time to read what you link to. 
Clearly, in this case, you have failed to do that.  For example, under the 

"Show me how to show myself."

 This is the era of the Internet. This is the era of worldwide 
communication. This is the era in which I can send my software to somebody 
in Russia at the touch of a button, and he can send me comments about it 
just as easily. But if he has a problem with my program, he can't have me 
standing in front of it while it fails. "Show me" is good when you can, but 
often you can't.

If you have to report a bug to a programmer who can't be present in person, 
the aim of the exercise is to enable them to reproduce the problem. You 
want the programmer to run their own copy of the program, do the same 
things to it, and make it fail in the same way. When they can see the 
problem happening in front of their eyes, then they can deal with it.

So tell them exactly what you did. If it's a graphical program, tell them 
which buttons you pressed and what order you pressed them in. If it's a 
program you run by typing a command, show them precisely what command you 
typed. Wherever possible, you should provide a verbatim transcript of the 
session, showing what commands you typed and what the computer output in 

Give the programmer all the input you can think of. If the program reads 
from a file, you will probably need to send a copy of the file. If the 
program talks to another computer over a network, you probably can't send a 
copy of that computer, but you can at least say what kind of computer it 
is, and (if you can) what software is running on it.

We're asking you to "Show us" what you did.  Provide your code that caused 
an issue, since mdb is working fine with numerous projects.  You are 
refusing to do provide code that shows what the issue is, and then 
expecting the developers to magically fix things with no relevant code path 
to examine.  I don't understand your attitude in this at all.



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