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(ITS#7437) Request to submit EnMasse project to OpenLDAP

Full_Name: Shawn McKinney
Version: all
OS: all
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


We have created a new application, called EnMasse.  

EnMasse is a web application that implements RESTful Web services to interface
with Fortress/OpenLDAP. EnMasse was built using established Open Source
technologies including Apache CXF (web services stack), Spring Framework (glue),
Maven (dependencies) and JAXB (data binding layer) and runs inside any
reasonably compliant Java Servlets container. EnMasse?s service access decisions
are made using declarative Java EE and Spring security policy hooks that are
wired to connect back to the Fortress RBAC component itself.
This product has not been published and we would like to release it as one of
the products under OpenLDAP family of products.

What we would like from OpenLDAP foundation is the following:

1. Separate GIT project called EnMasse.
2. Mailing list for developers and users to communicate with project team.
3. Issue tracking for EnMasse project.
4. Project page for overview and how to find out more information.

I have uploaded one package, entitled enmasse-openldap-submission.zip to our FTP
server that contains the source, documentation and other items for you to look
host: joshuatreesoftware.us
user: jtreeguest
pw: Guest123

Everything under the /target folder contain generated project artifacts
including deployable web archive (war) and javadoc.  These artifacts will not be
checked into GIT.
The source is located /src folder in the package.

Statement of origin for submitted works:

The contributed EnMasse works described above were provided by JoshuaTree
Software, LLC and referenced in this ITS were created by JoshuaTree Software,
who is the exclusive owner of the contributed works.  The contributed works are
made available as indicated in the copyright and license statements attached to
the work.


Shawn McKinney
Principal, JoshuaTree Software, LLC