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Re: AW: (ITS#7418) slapo-constraint are broken

--On Monday, October 22, 2012 7:14 PM +0000 Sascha.Kuehndel@deka.de wrote:

> --_004_F12A906A1F17554CB9CDFC8F4779F3C469A046FAB9EXCCREX9dekag_
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> Hello,
> i have reduced the configuration and the DIT to a minium.
> So i can now send the slapd.conf, the initial dit and the test-change.
> I hope you can reproduce the error, with it.

Hi Jan,

It appears your changes to slapo-constraint broke at least one 
configuration option.  Can you please review the information in this ITS 
and update your changes.  Thanks.



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