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Re: (ITS#7348) enhancement: check_password contrib module

This submission was been placed in a suspended state for intellectual property
rights (IPR) reasons.  
Unfortunately, I got busy with other things and didn't have time to respond.  I
do now. 

Generally, as the Foundation requires notices to be provided by authors (or
other right holders), it does not 
accept 3rd party submissions.  The Foundation views this as a 3rd party
submission as it apparently comes 
from someone who has no rights in the submission.

Generally, the Project does not duplication distribution of materials otherwise
made available.  This 
material appears to be distributed by the LTB Project and the Project sees no
reason to supplant their 
effects.  The submitter is not listed as a member of the LTB Project and assumes
the submitter is not 
authorized to speak on behalf of the LTB Project.

The contribution is missing appropriate IPR Notices.  See 
<http://www.openldap.org/devel/contributing.html>.   These MUST be provided by
the authors (or other 
rights holders).   IPR notices provided by non-authors will not be considered.

For these reasons, your submission is rejected.    If it is the LTB Project's
wish to contribute this material to 
the OpenLDAP Project, their Project Leader (who we believed also authored
portions of this material), 
working in cooperation with other authors, should personally submit the
materials, with appropriate IPR 
notices, and a statement that they wish the OpenLDAP Project to include the
materials in OpenLDAP 
Software and shepherd further development.

This ITS will now be closed.