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Re: (ITS#7367) [PATCH] MozNSS: update list of supported cipher suites

--On Friday, October 05, 2012 2:11 AM +0000 richm@stanfordalumni.org wrote:

>> Certainly, here's a recent example:
>> <https://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-technical/201210/msg00024.html>
> I guess I missed it, but exactly which OpenLDAP release(s) had the fix
> for this particular problem?  That is, how could Red Hat have avoided
> this problem by rebasing to a later OpenLDAP?

My guess is it was fixed in 2.4.26 or 2.4.27.  There have been numerous 
fixes to cn=config support since 2.4.23, so it is hard to know specifically 
which one fixes the above issue. ;)

>> I will note that Mandriva, at least, continually updates the version
>> of OpenLDAP they ship, unlike most distributions, so it definitely
>> isn't all. And my point is, Red Hat could do better, and I'd like to
>> see them do better.  I'd like to see Debian/Ubuntu do better too.
>> I.e., this isn't specific to Red Hat, but the discussion here is about
>> Red Hat, and what it can do.  I discuss Debian and what it can do
>> better with the Debian devs on their openldap dev list.
> Then I'd like to hear what Jan and the other Red Hat OpenLDAP
> maintainers have to say.

Ok.  One thing I do with Debian is help triage issues that are reported 
there with the upstream ITS system if the issues do not appear to be due to 
the usage of an old version.  If there is a simple way to do that with Red 
Hat, I could help there as well.



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