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Re: (ITS#7400) Memberof and Syncrepl incompatibility

arun s wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes, I am able to reproduce the issue with 2.4.32
> Making sense of the logs for the exact reproduction is hard since it needs a
> lot of operations in a short time. But this will probably help:
> 1. At the start of the test, the group temp_group existed.
> 2. I created a user temp_user and added temp_user to temp_group.
> 3. During replication, the group was replicated first and I got an error 32
> (NO_SUCH_OBJECT) when it tried to modify the memberOf of the temp_user object
> (This does not exist in the readslave yet).
> 4. The temp_user object was replicated next, and as you see, querying it does
> show a memberOf attribute, proving that this field was replicated. (Note that
> I have run OpenLDAP with debug as -1 and verified that the replicated data has
> the memberOf field in it. I can provide this too if needed.)

I see. The current code drops the memberOf attribute if it was not explicitly 
requested in the search. However, by default the consumer requests "+" which 
means "all operational attributes" and so slapd considers memberOf to have 
been requested. We need to reconsider this aspect of the design.
> 5. The more serious problem occurs when the sequence is reversed and the group
> has been deleted as a last operation - The user is replicated first, but since
> the group is deleted, it is never replicated and a stale memberOf entry stays
> with the user.

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