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(ITS#7390) slapschema crashes with rwm-rewriteMap slapd

Version: 2.4.32
OS: Debian Squeeze
Submission from: (NULL) (

Config with the following lines works as expected but slapschema crashes no
matter whether slapd is running or not:
overlay rwm
rwm-rewriteEngine on

# rewrite map for (uid=foo) with DN of entry as result
rwm-rewriteMap slapd uid2dn "ldap:///ou=um-demail?entryDN?sub?uid=";

This is self-compiled OpenLDAP 2.4.32 on Debian Squeeze linked against OpenSSL
and BDB 4.8.30.

Example config will follow. Maybe I even can reproduce on another system and
provide gdb output.