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Re: (ITS#7299) Memory leaks when using ldapmodify to add members to groupOfNames objectclass

jsynacek@redhat.com wrote:
> Full_Name: Jan Synacek
> Version: git (c73ec15)
> OS: linux-fedora17
> URL: http://jsynacek.fedorapeople.org/openldap/leak/openldap-mmr-leak.tar.gz
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I'm using a 2-node mmr setup on my local machine - configuration files and
> 'uploader' scripts are provided in the archive.
> 1) I have the two nodes running.
> 2) Execute run.sh (only a wrapper for ldapusradm.sh) and start monitoring
> slapd's memory usage.
> 3) After some time (at about 2k users on my system), slapd consumes a large
> amount of memory which is still growing
> Note that not using ldapmodify to add members to 'cn=users,dc=yes,dc=my', but
> using it e.g. for modifying each user's email, does NOT result in any memory
> leakage.
> I have also created a massif output using valgrind's massif tool:
> http://jsynacek.fedorapeople.org/openldap/leak/massif.out.17906
> I found a very similar bug (#7292), but I'm not sure if it's related.

Running RE24 with valgrind --leak-check=full I see no leak when running your 
test. That should be the same as git c73ec15. No idea what leak you're seeing.

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