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Re: (ITS#7278) [PATCH] SHA-2: Add support salted SHA-2 password hashes


I wish the following command-line option for slappasswd to
load dynamically loadable password hash modules:

  $ slappasswd -o module-load=slapd-sha2.la -h '{SSHA512}'

  $ slappasswd -o module-path=/path/to/lib/openldap \
               -o module-load=slapd-sha2.la -h '{SSHA512}'

At Wed, 30 May 2012 13:45:48 GMT,
Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> While if I needed some scheme only in contrib I might resort to other means to generate the hash (such as a little perl), I don't object to slappasswd, when requested by option, reading the configuration, loading the modules, and generating the hash.  I would only object if slappasswd did this by default, as that would cause me to have to use other means even for core schemes.

I've revised the patch:


With this patch:

   $ slappasswd
      Same as the original behavior (do not read any config)

   $ slappasswd -f /path/to/slapd.conf
      Read the specified slapd.conf

   $ slappasswd -f -
      Read the default slapd.conf

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