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Re: (ITS#7278) [PATCH] SHA-2: Add support salted SHA-2 password hashes

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> The text also states
>>      The practice of storing hashed passwords in userPassword violates
>>      Standard Track (RFC 4519) schema specifications and may hinder
>>      interoperability.
> In practice we all live very well with this for years. That's least of a
> problem today.
>> Anyone building operational procedures on something that violates the specs
>> was asking for trouble. Users should be using ldappasswd, that's what it's for.
> ???
> ldappasswd writes a hashed password to - tataa - attribute 'userPassword'.
> I cannot see how this is different from using ldapadd/ldapmodify.

Wrong, ldappasswd sends a PasswordModify exop to a server. The server may 
implement that exop in any implementation-specific manner, and there is no 
guarantee that the password a server uses is ever instantiated in any LDAP 
entry. There is no guarantee that setting a userPassword attribute using 
ldapadd/ldapmodify will ever do anything useful for any given LDAP user.

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