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Re: (ITS#7249) slapd segfault with memberof overlay on frontend db

> Hello,
>> Enabling memberof overlay on frontend database causes slapd to
>> SEGFAULT due to stack overflow  when renaming an entry.
> please, can somebody confirm that this configuration is wrong and
> that it should not be allowed? Or that this configuration is
> correct and the "overlay effect" should be inherited by backend
> database?
> I would like to help with fixing this, but I have no idea what
> is the expected behavior. Documentation says nothing about this.

What happens is that the memberof overlay, when stacked on the frontend
database, keeps looping until the stack is exhausted, since internal
modifications keep calling the frontend's modify hook rather than the
actual one that needs to be called.

I don't recall testing it this way during development, but I don't see any
reason to prevent it from working this way.  Feel free to look at it, I
probably won't have time to do it soon.

Thanks, p.