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(ITS#7259) Ppolicy count bytes not characters

Full_Name: JiÅ?í Netolický
Version: 2.4.30
OS: Linux - Gentoo
Submission from: (NULL) (2001:1a48:5:3::3)

Slapo-ppolicy manual page says:
pwdMinLength: ..this  attribute  contains the minimum number of characters that
will be accepted in a password

But it seems that the code not chcount number of characters but number of bytes.
I set
pwdMinLength to value 8. When I used password with only ascii characters
everything works great. But when I use a two-byte UTF-8 character in password it
count this one character as two. For example when I use password "babiÄ?ka"
which is 7 characters
length but the UTF-8 representation is 8 bytes
(0x62 0x61 0x62 0x69 0xc4 0x8d 0x6b 0x61).
This password is accepted although the policy forces 8 characters min.length.
I think the only soulution is correct the manual page the pwdMinLength count
bytes not
characters. Because userPassword attribute is binary, in my opinion we should
not assume that the password encoding is UTF8 to easy count characters.