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Re: ITS#7239: testbed

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> masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> The attachment is unreadable; can you ftp it somewhere?  Thanks, p.
> http://www.stroeder.com/temp/openldap-testbed-its7239.tar.bz2

Thanks.  The explanation is always simple, after one finds it.  The DN of
accesslog entries is generated using the reqStart AVA.  When logops all
and internal operations take place, multiple entries are generated with
the same reqStart AVA.  So an internal search which is logged because of
some overlay eats up the DN of the modrdn, and be_add() called by
slapo-accesslog(5) fails because the entry already exists.

Although logging internal entries could be of some use, I see two solutions:

- modify the value of reqStart (e.g. instead of using o_tincr for the
fractional part of the timestamp, we could use an incremental counter
initialized with o_tincr and incremented at each logging within the same
operation.  The counter could be stored somewhere in the operation
structure (e.g. in o_extra)

- prevent logging of internal ops; again, this could be achieved by
setting a dedicated o_internal_op field in the Operation structure.

Since this modification could be intrusive, I'd like to gather some
comments before proceeding with a fix.