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Re: (ITS#7088) slapo-accesslog makes OpenLDAP hang

>  The root cause of this bug seems to be related to olcAccessLogOps and 
>  olcAccessLogBase features. If I use one of them to specify I want to log 
>  only "modify" operations:
>  olcAccessLogOps: modify
>  or
>  olcAccessLogBase: modify <suffix>
>  Then when I do an "add", slapo-accesslog takes the op_rmutex in 
>  accesslog_op_mod but never release it in accesslog_response.

The analysis looks correct.  slapo-accesslog(5) was locking the mutex for all
write operations, but only releasing it for those that needed to be logged.

Should be fixed now in master.  Please test.

Thanks, p.