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Re: (ITS#7215) Configuration Bug of index_substr_if_{max, min}len

 On Mon, 26 Mar 2012 19:16:11 GMT, tixu@cs.ucsd.edu wrote:
> just set the following two lines in the beginning of the slapd.conf,
> index_substr_if_maxlen 100
> index_substr_if_minlen 5
> slapd starts without a warning and can serve requests.

 That's not the example you gave in last message.

 The error message should be more helpful: If you want minlen that
 big, you have to set maxlen first.

 Except, this can still break cn=config replication: Either setting
 this configuration or reverting to the old one will not work.  I
 don't know if cn=config supports delaying this check until the
 entire new entry is available, and reverting if the check fails?