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Re: (ITS#5915) Some man pages still only talk about slapd.conf

Sehr geehrter Herr Henry,

i just moved an OpenLDAP-Server from Debian-5 to Debian-6. Expecting it would simply run using the same configuration file i just copied slapd.conf. This resulted in error messages along the line "missing credentials". So i looked up the QuickStartGuide and continued debugging the authorization process - finally found the reason and cure by reading /etc/init.d/slapd.

I would like to suggest two changes:

1  May i suggest a quick fix: add something like "don't read this" 
   to the top of the QuickStartGuide.
2  If possible change your mind on dropping slapd.conf-Support.
   - Dropping it will break existing configurations.
   - People are quite accustomed to /etc/.../.. .conf-files

I would like to add that i really appreciate the work you are doing.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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