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Re: (ITS#7150) SEGFAULT in openldap-2.4.28 & 2.4.29

david.coutadeur@linagora.com wrote:
> I have reproduced the bug with a fresh new HEAD version yesterday,
> including :
> 02/02/2012    Howard Chu  ITS#7146 fix prev commit

Can you include a "bt full" gdb backtrace on this?

> Le 02/02/2012 20:25, Michael Ströder a écrit :
>> dcoutadeur@linagora.com wrote:
>>> I have encountered a bug on openldap 2.4.28 and openldap 2.4.29 (ie git
>>> version)
>> Which exact git version? Did you build RE24 from git already containing
>> the fix for ITS#7113 (dup of ITS#6928)?

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