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Re: (ITS#7141) Segmentation fault during stopping slapd

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> Uumpf! I forgot to update my local version of
> contrib/slapd-modules/smbk5pwd/Makefile
> after pulling from git. This Makefile does not use prefix and LDFLAGS used
> with ./configure before.

Hmm, it seems I get better result linking smbk5pwd with
contrib/slapd-modules/smbk5pwd/Makefile containing:

LDAP_LIB=-lldap_r -llber -L../../../libraries/libldap_r/.libs 

instead of just

LDAP_LIB=-lldap_r -llber

Is that the right solution when rpath is already set when invoking configure?

Ciao, Michael.