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Re: (ITS#7118) [PATCH] Improve SASL plugin handling

thomas@koeller.dyndns.org wrote:
> That is certainly true, however, it misses the point I am trying to make.
> I want to provide a fix for the problem I encountered.
>> From a user's perspective, it is certainly preferable for the whole thing
> to 'just work', instead of being provided with instructions about how to
> configure one's system to avoid problems that arise when using the standard
> configuration. This places the burden on the user, for no other gain than
> being able to load a module that cannot be used anyway. With the change I
> proposed, slapd can work with every standard cyrus-sasl installation right
> away, no special configuration required, and the problem is solved once
> and forever.

Unfortunately, your approach *doesn't* fix the problem once and forever. It's 
testing for a hardcoded library name. The approach is obviously doomed, since 
library names are highly platform-dependent, and it doesn't address the 
possibility that some other plugin will show up in the future with the same 
linkage issues.

I've committed a change to the struct layout, in git master, which might solve 
the problem. (See ITS#7133 also). Please test and report back, thanks.

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