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Re: (ITS#7109) Slapd Freezing

nikolay.bogdanov@flant.ru writes:
> Version: 2.4.23
> (...) What can you advice for us?

Upgrade, building from the source at www.openldap.org.
There are several possibly-related bugfixes since 2.4.23.

Then report back whether nor not that fixed the problem.  If it is:

> And what information should we provide to solve this problem? (strace, gdb
> log, db_stat or something else?)

Server log from slapd, and gdb 'thread apply all backtrace'.

Unfortunately OpenLDAP installation strips debugging symbols by default,
which makes backtraces nearly useless.  You can prevent that by
configuring with
	    ./configure --enable-memberof ac_cv_prog_STRIP=: