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Re: (ITS#7085) mutex lockup issue

--On Friday, December 02, 2011 11:41 AM -0500 Soichi Hayashi 
<hayashis@indiana.edu> wrote:

> Quanah,
> Were you able to recreate this issue?

Hi Soichi,

I have not even attempted to reproduce it.  I will see if I have time in my 
lab to do so.  However, I use BDB 5.2.28.  I will note that the backtrace 
you provided is useless, since you apparently did not build your binaries 
with debugging symbols, which is always advised.  I also don't know what 
optimization level you used, but I strongly advise against building 
optimized OpenLDAP builds, gcc rarely does the right thing.  Finally, 
OpenLDAP doesn't use select() on Linux platforms, it uses poll() which 
appears to be what you're backtrace indicates as well.

Since you don't have debugging symbols enabled, it's virtually impossible 
to determine where the problem is originating.



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