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(ITS#7099) slapadd segfaults with back-mdb and slapo-dds

Full_Name: Dieter Kluenter
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

back-mdb tries to read entry databases prior to initialisation, which leeds to
segmatation fault

output of slapadd -d-1
4ed4888e slapadd startup: initiated.
4ed4888e backend_startup_one: starting "o=avci,c=de"
4ed4888e mdb_db_open: "o=avci,c=de"
4ed4888e mdb_db_open: database "o=avci,c=de":
4ed4888e str2filter "(&(objectClass=dynamicObject)(entryExpireTimestamp<=20111129072258Z))"
4ed4888e begin get_filter
4ed4888e AND
4ed4888e begin get_filter_list
4ed4888e begin get_filter
4ed4888e EQUALITY
4ed4888e end get_filter 0
4ed4888e begin get_filter
4ed4888e LE
4ed4888e end get_filter 0
4ed4888e end get_filter_list
4ed4888e end get_filter 0

the appropriate slapo-dds configuration:
overlay dds
dds-max-ttl 86400
dds-min-ttl 0
dds-default-ttl 3600
dds-interval    1800
dds-tolerance   60
dds-max-dynamicObjects 100
dds-state TRUE