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Re: (ITS#7089) ppolicy adds PWDFAILURETIME to organizationalUnit

Noël Köthe wrote:
>> noel debian.org wrote:
>>> IMHO it is a bug that the ppolicy adds the PWDFAILURETIME attribute
>>> to DN's which don't have a userPassword attribute and cannot get
>>> one.
>> Hmm, this is somewhat debatable. I'm not sure. But I also don't see any
>> harm in the current behaviour. It's surely the client configuration
>> which needs to
> :(
>> be fixed.
> In my case the behaviour is pollution my data with unneeded and unwanted 
> data in ous which I want to prevent. I don't have control over the 
> clients so sadly I cannot fix the source of the problem (the requests). 
> The PWDFAILURETIME (and PWDACCOUNTLOCKEDTIME) is only useful when there 
> is a userPassword: attribute ( when using pwdAttribute: userPassword). Is
> there any chance that the behaviour is accepted as a problem?

Maybe you got me wrong: I don't have a really strong opinion on that (nor am
I the one who decides on this).

The question is: What should the pwdFailureTime exactly mean?

I understand what's your personal opinion on that and I somewhat support it.
But there might be corner-cases where the current behaviour makes sense.

Ciao, Michael.