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Re: (ITS#6851) back-ldap assertion failure, LDAP proxy to Windows AD

hyc@symas.com wrote:
>   >>>
> The ldap_back_dobind() function calls ldap_back_dobind_int() for bind,
> back-ldap/bind.c. The following ldap_back_dobind_int() code is destined for
> assertion failure, if op->o_do_not_cache flag is set and there is no valid
> binddn and bindcred returned by ldap_back_getconn(). Setting an invalid LDAP URI
> for the remote AD Windows box is such a case.
> <<<
> So it sounds like this assert only triggers because you have an invalid
> configuration. I don't believe your patch is the correct solution if that's
> the only error case.

I've committed an alternate fix, turning the assert into an error return. 
Please test.

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