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Re: (ITS#7025) "the backglue code doesn't install a handler for the Abandon operation"

Marc Patermann wrote:
> Howard,
> Howard Chu schrieb (01.11.2011 18:39 Uhr):
>> Also, this script just performs sync searches, what do you use to
>> generate the writes?
> you mean the write which kills the server?
> It just one simple mod of an object which I made in Apache Directory Studio.

I'm unable to reproduce this crash. I have your slapd.conf and test data, I 
have run 80-some instances of your script as you've described. While the 
initial sync search is running I perform a modify of the base entry of the 
subordinate database. Everything continues to run. I've also waited for all of 
the initial refresh traffic to finish first, and then perform the modify, and 
still no crash.

To be more clear - do you perform your modify while the sync searches are 
still refreshing, or after all of the refreshes have completed?

Do you run the clients on the same host as slapd, or on a remote machine?
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