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Re: (ITS#7090) back-mdb produces wrong slapcat output

hyc@symas.com wrote:
>> slapcat with back-mdb mixes entry data in the LDIF output. The entry affected
>> had a DN of another entry while retrieving the same entry via LDAP worked
>> correctly. I observed this for one entry of several hundred entries.
>> I currently can't provide test data because this was my private address book
>> data. But it was reproducable with slapadd-ed data from an older clean backup
>> LDIF file. The last correct backup file I have slapcating with back-mdb is of
>> 2011-11-12. I'm building RE24 almost daily from git. Maybe something bad
>> happened at that time.
>> Will try to reproduce with other data but be warned to keep an eye on that.
> What platform, what version, 32 or 64 bit? What git commit ID?

openSUSE Linux 11.4 x86_64

> If you revert 
> the code to an older commit, does it produce the same result?

I know that such a report is not sufficient for you to start fixing it. But
sometimes it's not possible to report it more precisely. As said I will try to
reproduce with non-private data. It was too late to do more testing yesterday.

> I've slapcat'd a 5 million entry back-hdb database and loaded it into 
> back-mdb. Then slapcat'd that result; it is exactly identical to the original. 
> Using both RE24 pulled a couple minutes ago, and git master built November 
> 1st. There have been no functional changes to the code in a while, purely 
> cosmetic changes.

Maybe it's dependent on the sort of data? The errornous entry contains
attribute jpegPhoto of size 7317 bytes.

Ciao, Michael.