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Re: (ITS#6981) slapd crashes when using sssvlv and pcache overlays

Though the original case is now fixed in master, this simpler test
case crashes in the same way.  It forces REP_ENTRY_MUSTRELEASE to be
set, since the current fix is to restore OpenLDAP 2.4.23's behavior of
not flushing the entry otherwise.  But 2.4.23 also crashes with this:

$ cat <<EOF >its6981.conf
include         servers/slapd/schema/core.schema
database        bdb
suffix          o=test
rootdn          o=test
directory       its6981/a

overlay         pcache
pcache          bdb 10000 1 50 100
pcacheAttrset   0 * +
pcacheTemplate  (objectClass=) 0 60
pcacheTemplate  (o=) 0 60
pcache-directory its6981/b

$ mkdir -p its6981/a its6981/b; rm -f its6981/?/*
$ servers/slapd/slapd  -Tadd -f its6981.conf <<EOF
dn: o=test
objectclass: organization
o: test

$ servers/slapd/slapd -f its6981.conf -d0 -h ldap://localhost:3890/ &
$ clients/tools/ldapsearch -LLLxh localhost:3890 -b o=test '(o=test)'

It doesn't seem to make sense for code to assume sr_entry persists
past the point it'd be flushed if REP_ENTRY_MUSTRELEASE is set.
That's why this change snuck into ITS#6758 (SlapyReply usage).
Probably we should put the flush back someday - after checking better
than I did last time.