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Re: (ITS#6763) slapd does not clear sr_entry/ctrls on sizelimit/busy

I wrote:
> slap_send_search_entry() does not always free/release the entry and
> call slap_cleanup_play() on error.
> slap_send_search_reference() calls slap_cleanup_play(), but does not
> always free/release the entry.
> I expect both functions always should do both, but don't know enough
> myself to be sure.
> Resolution needed for ITS#6758 (SlapReply) - who should be responsible
> for clearing out the entry?

Nobody else were picking this up, and it was making back-monitor
hang in ITS#7053.  So I've made result.c always clean up.

The code is still inconsistent: slap_send_search_entry() may
flush the entry either before or after slap_cleanup_play(),
while slap_send_search_reference() always flushes first.

If anyone feels that should be regularized, feel free.  I'm
leaving it alone for now.