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Re: (ITS#6979) test062 portability

Aaron Richton writes:
> It looks like checking the function exit isn't portable; maybe some
> kind of bash-ism. It looks like the code was on the path to
> communicating the retval via $RCOUT file already?

I'm curious, what is this about - an observed bug, or not?  There is
no function call here, 'wait' is checking a subprocess's exit status.
That's standard, and so is checking the return (not exit) status from
a function as far as I know, but I'm not surprised if some shells have

I noticed because I saw the patch entering master.  Which is fine by
me, except the patch may be a bit incomplete.  Since $SEARCHRC is now
the output from `cat`, it may be best to quote it here:

>         if test $SEARCHRC != 52 ; then