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Re: (ITS#7027) [PATCH] Implement priority/weigh for DNS SRV records

> In addition, random seed has to be initialized, otherwise the behavior
> is predictable. 

I didn't think it too big of a deal, since it doesn't have to be
cryptographically random. I can submit a patch to call srandom()

> On the other side, I do not think that calling srand()
> in libldap is a good idea. The client application should do that. Or
> is there any other option?

The function ldap_domain2hostlist returns a list of strings, there
isn't any weight/prio information for the client to act
on. Furthermore the weight prio section was commented out, I figured
the library was the right place to do it.

The algo specified in rfc2782 is detailed, and specifies a random
number should be generated., I didn't want to implement it because it
results in sorting once by prio, once by weight instead of one sort
that does both.

James M. Leddy
Technical Account Manager
Red Hat Inc.