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Re: (ITS#7027) [PATCH] Implement priority/weight for DNS SRV records

On Wednesday 24 August 2011 21:28:03, James Leddy wrote:
> on incoming ftp

There is a typo in the patch:

 +              hostent_head[hostent_count].priority=priority;
-+              hostent_head[hostent_count].weight=priority;
++              hostent_head[hostent_count].weight=weight;
 +              hostent_head[hostent_count].port=port;
 +              strncpy(hostent_head[hostent_count].hostname, host,255);
 +              hostent_count=hostent_count+1;

In addition, random seed has to be initialized, otherwise the behavior is 
predictable. On the other side, I do not think that calling srand() in libldap 
is a good idea. The client application should do that. Or is there any other