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Re: (ITS#6925) [PATCH] Use inet_ntop for server when available

>> Uploaded as xinli-its6925-110630.patch.
> Sorry, apparently I never received this message.  It is not clear why you
> conditioned it based on HAVE_GETADDRINFO; this seems to be repeated also
> throughout the original code.
> The patch is not fine in slapd/daemon.c (the original code seems to be
> broken as
> well where inet_ntop(3) is already used), since peeraddr is set by
> inet_ntop(3)
> to point to the buffer addr[], and is used also when addr[] gets out of
> scope
> (#ifdef HAVE_TCPD).  Fixing.

The patch and the fixes are in git's master.  In the commit log I forgot
to mention that many of those fixes, significantly that for
LDAP_CONNECTIONLESS, are blind.  Please test and report.