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Re: (ITS#7014) TLS: certificate hostnames are being checked when TLS_REQCERT is se to allow

jvcelak@redhat.com wrote:
> Full_Name: Jan Vcelak
> Version: master
> OS: Linux
> URL: http://jvcelak.fedorapeople.org/openldap/0001-TLS-do-not-check-hostname-when-reqcert-is-allow.patch
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Hello.
> If server certificate hostname does not match the server hostname, connection is
> closed even if client has set TLS_REQCERT to 'allow'. This is wrong - the
> documentation says, that bad certificates are being ignored when TLS_REQCERT is
> set to 'allow'. (Other certificate failures (like invalid CA) are handled as
> expected - at least with MozNSS.)
> I'm attaching patch, which fixes this behavior. The patch applies on master
> branch. (OpenLDAP FTP server for incoming patches reports 'No space left on
> device.', that's why I uploaded the patch to fedorapeople.org.)

Thanks, applied to master.

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