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Re: (ITS#7024) OpenLDAP does not save the attribute "jpegPhoto" in the sql database

>> back-sql calls backsql_BindParamBerVal(), which indeed considers the
>> data as
>> SQL_C_CHAR, SQL_VARCHAR.  A binary variant can be easily defined, but
>> back-sql
>> will need to know what attribute values need to be treated as binaries.
>> A
>> general approach to this requires to modify the attribute mapping, to
>> add a
>> "type" flag.
>> p.
> I have carefully read the documentation (man slapd-sql) but could not
> find how to modify the attribute mapping and add a "type" flag.

I meant: modify the code.  Since back-sql is basically unmaintained (any
volunteers out there?) this feature won't likely be added, not to mention
the fact that it would break all existing installations.